altCookingHub Silicone Stretch Lids 7-pc, XL Set
altCookingHub Silicone Stretch Lids 7-pc set Dimension
altCookingHub 11" XL Silicone Lid Stretchablity
altCookingHub Silicone Food Cover Stackable
altCookingHub Silicone Stretch Lids & Food Cover Multifunction

7pc set, various sizes include X-Large 11" Lid, BPA Free, Food Safe, Reusable Silicone Stretch Lid & Food Covers

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ECO-FRIENDLY AND ECONOMICAL - Incredibly clingy, super stretchy, and totally convenient. Reusable and excellent alternative to plastic wrap. It helps reduce food waste and plastic waste. Friendly to the wallet and friendly to the environment.

SAFE - BPA Free, No Filler, No phthalates, 100% non-toxic and FDA Food Safe approved.

SUPERB Quality - PREMIUM silicone material and thicker than other stretch lids. Our silicone lid is approximately 0.3mm thick, weight about 255 gram for the set versus other brands' 190 gram. Easy to clean and reuse them over and over again.

VERSATILE USE - Leakproof, safe and durable to use in microwave, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher with temperature resistant of -40°F to 450°F. The lid conforms to any shape (round, oval, square, rectangular and odd shaped containers) and creates a secure seal. Compatible with most material, you can use it on glass, plastic, aluminum, porcelain, ceramic and more.

Our extra large, 11 inches, silicone lid can easily fit 12 to 14 inches containers like a large mixing bowl, large serving tray (plate), and more.

Silicone Stretch Lids are great alternatives to plastic cling wrap or aluminum foil while silicone suction lids are great alternatives to plastic plate covers, plastic pot lids or plastic container lids but with airtight seals to keep food fresh or retain current temperature of food for a short period of time.

This 6 piece set of Reusable Stretchable Lids comes in 7 sizes: 2.5", 3.7", 4.5", 5.5", 6.3", 8.1" and 11"

Color: Transparent/Clear

Before first use, wash the lid in hot soapy water, rinse, and dry.
- Keep the lid and the edges of the container dry before use so it will not slip off easily.
Select a cover size that is slightly smaller than container size, as this will insure that the food is being properly sealed.
- Stretchable up to approximately 1.3x - 14.x of its relax diameter
- Use tabs to pull and ensure a snug fit
- When properly and fitly placed, they are quite rigid and stack-able
- Totally dishwasher safe when dirty, just place on the top rack

- When heating food with this silicone lid in the microwave, do not completely seal the container

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The best!

I was inventing something like this in my mind before I found these. They help for all of those containers you might have without covers. They aren't that easy to apply to the container unless the size is near the same as the cover.

Love these

Love these reusable covers so much I have gifted them to friends and family. Unlike other silicone covers I have tried, these don't require a lot of work to put on and stay in place. Keep up the great work providing environmentally friendly products!

love these!

perfect replacement to disposables and I like these better than beeswax wrap! More durable, easier to wash. Love the vacuum seal and environmentally friendly material!

Silicone covers

Very strong and stretchy. I have found these to be a great alternative to using plastic storage containers. Trying my best to not use plastic products anymore.

Rubber covers

Great my wife loves them