A-la-Carte ZipFresh Reusable Snack/Sandwich Bag with Produce Saver Function
ZipFresh Reusable Ziplock Green-Bag Function Storage Sizes - ACHub
ZipFresh Reusable Resealable Produce Saver Bag Technology - ACHub
ZipFresh Small - Reusable Snack Bag with Produce Saver Function
ZipFresh Penguin - Reusable Sandwich Bag with Produce Saver Power
ZipFresh Large - Reusable Produce Life Extender Bag, Sandwich Bag
ZipFresh Medium - Reusable Snack Bag with Produce Keeper Function
A la Carte ZipFresh Reusable Snack, Sandwich, Food Saver Ziplock Storage Bag

A la Carte ZipFresh Reusable Snack, Sandwich, Food Saver Ziplock Storage Bag

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Our reusable perishable food storage bag are made with natural minerals that absorb rotten gases to extend the life of produce. Each storage container is washable and reusable: simply rinse, dry and re-use.

BPA Free, 100% non-toxic, complies with FDA safe requirements and passes EU certification. Safe and durable to use in microwave, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher (top rack), steamer and sous-vide.

Our ZipFresh Key Advantages versus typical ziplock bag and reusable lunch bag:

• Innovative and Patented technology uses natural substances and no chemical so you can feel good about using them again and again.
• Helps to keep food stays fresh and prevent texture changes and flavor loss.
• Designed to stand upright with wide expandable base for easy filing.
• Designed for high durability with its body and base are actually one integrated piece.
• Reusable, dishwasher & microwave safe, double-boiler safe, freezer safe & BPA-free.
• When holding liquids in the bags, make sure bag is upright to prevent spills.

- X-Large: size: 10.2" x 10.6" (1 gal)
- Large size: 8.3" x 9.0" (2 quart)
- Small size: 7.0" x 7.3" (1 quart)

Made in South Korea

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Bought these bags for my daughter, she loves them they are very cute easy to clean!

Linda Baustian
Best produce bags

I love these bags, they are stronger and more durable than regular plastic bags. I can hand wash or stick them in the dishwasher and I reuse them all the time. I love that they are perfect for the freezer too. No more plastic disposable bags for us. Thanks for such a great product.

Susan Waite
Reusable bags

Like them

Stacey Gray

I love these, strong and zip up firmly.

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