Reusable Produce Mesh Bags 6 pack- altCookingHub
Reusable Produce Bags 6 pack- ACHub
Reusable Produce Bags Transparent - altCookingHub
Reusable Produce Bag dimension - ACHub
Reusable Produce Bags Use Case - ACHub
Reusable Mesh Produce Bags Multipurpose - ACHub
Reusable Mesh Produce Bags Use Case - ACHub

Reusable Produce Bags with Tare Weight Tags, Superior Overlock Stitch (6 Large Mesh Bags)

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ECO-FRIENDLY & ECONOMICAL - Reusable and excellent alternative to the supermarket plastic bag, one more step closer to a zero waste living. Friendly to the wallet and friendly to the environment.
SUPERB Quality - Built with a strong, double-overlock stitch on top and no stiches on the base of the bag to provide higher durability. Our mesh bags are machine washable with cold water and can hold up to 11 pounds.
VERSATILE USE - Our premium bags are not just for produce. You just might find all sorts of household items to use them for, your kid’s Legos, laundry delicates, small sports equipment, gym clothes, school lunches, and toys. Take them on your beach trips, camping trips, road trips, or any form of excursion where organizing is necessary. It can hold anything up to a lengthy 19 inches.
LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLEOur strong produce bags are lightweight and nearly transparent. Scanners can sometimes read large barcodes through the bag, and the cashier will be able to see the price lookup codes (PLU) to speed up check-out.  
SAFE - BPA Free, 100% non-toxic and Food Contact Safe. Our bags are also made in a facility free from harmful manufacturing chemicals and with the highest standards of quality control.

Dimension: 16.5" x  11" (Large)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Natalie Green
Strawberry plant protectors

I bought these specifically to tie around my strawberry plants so the critters would stop eating my berries and they are working like a charm! My fruit will be mine!

Antoinette S
Absolutely amazing!

Best thing since the invention of the wheel! I use them for lettuce and baby spinach. It had kept them both crisp and fresh for 2 weeks (used them in that time so not sure if it might even last longer). If I kept either in the bags they were purchased in, both would begin to wilt and go bad within a week from the condensation that builds up in the bags they come in. They are the size of standard grocery produce bags. Highly recommend them.

Dominick Lupacchino
Reusable produce bags

Excellent product and great value.

thank you

Meg Rymiszewski
Love these bags!!

These reusable produce bags are awesome!! They are roomy enough for loose greens and substantial enough for apples. I absolutely love not adding to plastic waste in dumps and oceans! I recommend these to EVERYONE as an easy way to reduce waste. Buy these today and be part of the solution!

Sandi St John Brown
Flower bulbs

I'm actually using the bags for fall flower bulbs...
I pull my spring bulbs out after they've bloomed and the leaves have dried a bit.
The bags are excellent for this purpose.
Some of my summer flowers also need to be will also go in the bags!!
Excellent product!

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