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Bamboo Tofu Press with Built in Drainer & Drip Tray

Bamboo Tofu Press with Built in Drainer & Drip Tray

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SET & FORGET - After you set the press, the springs will keep pushing down & squeezing out the liquid. This eliminates the need to come back & increase the pressure many times throughout as required on the other tofu presses.

FASTER ASSEMBLY - Improved design with cutouts for the bolts instead of drill holes. This helps save time on the set-up, clean-up and store.

EASE OF USE - Denser, Firmer Block of Tofu Ready in minutes. Simply place a block of tofu between the two plates & adjust the pressure to the desired tofu firmness, the drip tray will catch the liquid for easy discard.

Made of 100% eco-conscious moso bamboo wood. Bamboo is durable, natural, food safe and sustainable resource. Our tofu press coated with non-toxic, plant-based oil and equipped with premium grade 304 stainless steel, long lasting & anti-rust components.

Tofu Press Assembly Instructions: (Watch It Here)

  1. Take the hex bolts and put them thru the bottom of the slotted plate
  2. Place the spacers, then the hex nuts onto the bolts from the top of the slotted plate
  3. Place the tofu and carefully insert the top plate
  4. Place the spacers, then the springs followed by the spacers, then the wing nuts and tighten per desired pressure
  5. Finish with the top cap nuts

The improved design now includes springs, that will continue pushing down and squeezing liquid out of your tofu. Press the tofu for 15 mins depending on the desired firmness and the type of tofu used. For softer tofu, gradually adjust the pressure to keep the shape of the tofu without crushing it.

Note: If the tofu is squeezing out the sides of the press, you are pressing too quickly.

Our thick bamboo plates equipped with slotted holes & grooves and detachable drip tray for faster, mess-free press, drainage and easy cleaning. Suitable for most tofu with approximately 6.2" x 4.2" pressing space.

Helpful maintenance tips:
- Wash with warm, soapy water, rinse and dry with a clean towel
- Do not clean with abrasive materials and harsh cleaning products
- For best results, use food grade mineral oil and rub in a circular motion
- Do not use in the dishwasher, avoid soaking in the water as it will warp and develop cracks
- Use lemon juice or baking soda to treat any stains or smells

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Suzanne Buckland
Great Gadget

I've been experimenting with tofu allot lately and began pressing it in a sieve lined with coffee filters. This little gadget does it in no time and makes tofu ready to use quickly. I love that it's made out of bamboo instead of plastic.

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