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EcoFresh Reusable Green Power Produce Saver Bag (20pc Extra-Large)

EcoFresh Reusable Green Power Produce Saver Bag (20pc Extra-Large)

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KEEP FOOD FRESH LONGER - Made with natural minerals that absorb rotten ethylene gases to extend the life of fruits and vegetables.

REUSABLE & ECO FRIENDLY- Bring your EcoFresh bags to the supermarket and start storing your produce in them instead of using those single-use plastic bags. Each bag is washable and reusable: simply rinse, dry and re-use. Helps the environment!

INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY - Uses a patented methodology to evenly distribute antimicrobial powder and other natural minerals into EcoFresh bag to provide superior keep-fresh performance. BPA Free, 100% non-toxic and FDA Food Safe.

Dimension, 9.5" x 19.5" x 6.5" (approximately 1.5 gallons). EcoFresh bags are gusseted and much larger volume than a typical plastic produce bag, suitable for storing produce in bulk. Each set contains 20 XL produce-saver bags.

Additional useful tips:
- Generally, it better to store produce without rinsing and washing before storing in the EcoFresh bags
- Wash/rinse produce as usual before use
- Store in the refrigerator or on the countertop, wherever you would normally store your produce
- Do not use a twist-tie to seal or tie the bag, loosely fold the bag over instead.
- Fruit and veggies contain moisture. If moisture builds in the bag, just wipe out with a paper towel and keep contents dry during storage
- Hand-wash only. Simply rinse bag after use with water and air dry.

Made in South Korea

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Marcia Wilson

I don't write reviews, but they seem to work!

Leah Loughery
Better in so many ways

Until I came across these bags I used 2 gallon zip-top plastic bags for years for my heads of washed & refrigerated organic romaine hearts. These bags are much more convenient because I can simply fold over the tops; and their pleated side edges make them easier to keep open for further drying after washing if necessary. Furthermore, the shape is more suitable for foods with some dimension to them, like my heads of romaine hearts. AND their box—stood on its narrow edge or even laid flat—takes up so little room in the drawer w/my wraps, bags, etc. So I have already purchased a 2nd box of them which should last for many years.

Marian Mallory

Received these for free through an online give away - will definately purchase more!! Lettuce lasts for several weeks when stored in these bags! I'm quite impressed!

Priscilla Thompson

Ive always wanted to try these. Thank you

Marie Boyd
Great product

This is the second time I have purchased these bags. They are fantastic for keeping fruit and vegetables fresh especially lettuce. I was impressed on how quickly my order arrived.

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