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FridgeFresher Produce Saver, Deodorizer and Humidity Controller - ACHub
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ACHub FridgeFresher Produce Freshness Extender and Deodorizer Technology

FridgeFresher Deodorizer+ Produce Saver, Air Purifier and Humidity Controller

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The FridgeFresher does much more than a fridge deodorizer to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh. It also keeps food and produce fresh longer and keep germs away.

Place the FridgeFresher in the crisper drawer, fresh drawers or top shelves of your refrigerators. Extends the life of food and produce by removing harmful ethylene gas, eliminating odor and providing a proper humidity level.

Each fridge fresh ball contains 3 types of ceramic pellets: antimicrobial property, harmful gas & moisture adsorption, and deodorant. These pellets can be reactivated routinely for high re-usability. Compare with the competitors whose packets need to be replaced every 3 months, our FridgeFresher deodorizer+ can last up to 3 years with proper use and care. Helps you save money. At the end of its lifecycle, the ceramic pellets could be used for fertilizing purpose. Helps the environment!

Made from BPA free, 100% natural minerals and eco-friendly material.

Antimicrobial properties are built in to inhibit the growth of bacteria that may affect this product. This product does not protect users or others against foodborne bacteria.

Reduce food waste, keep refrigerator fresh, environment friendly and saves money!

 Brief User Guide:

- Effective up to 6 cu-ft space. Use in crisper drawers, fresh drawers, freezers, mini fridges, or in small pantries, under the sink, small closet, laundry area.
- Recommend to clean and reactivate/recharge at least every 3 months.
- Do not immerse in the water or clean under running water. Simply wipe the case with damp cloth.
- To reactivate or recharge, put FridgeFresher in well ventilated space or under sunlight for a day.

Made in South Korea

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Excellent customer service

I bought several items for my daughter and her family who are very keen to reuse and reduce waste. They are Christmas gifts so I cannot yet report on how they like them, but I will say that the customer service and ease of ordering/delivery time was outstanding. Especially appreciated the very personal touch, including a handwritten note from one of your customer service agents. One con, however, was the delivery packaging. These items (reusable bags, etc.) are packaged in cardboard wrappers and they were shipped in a plastic envelope -- not even any bubble wrap to protect the items inside. The result was that the packages were bent and the box containing the fridge fresh I ordered was crushed and would not close. Not exactly a nice presentation for a gift to my family.

Thank you for the valuable feedback. Sorry to hear that USPS damaged the product packaging. We are trying to avoid any unnecessary packaging & shipping material to reduce waste. We will mail a new FridgeFresher box to you next week.
Odor be gone

My refrigerator smells refreshed, hope will last long as described

Cute design and big helper

The product is just like a real lemon that fits in my fridge very well. I've put this product in for week already. Works well and the fridge is refreshed!

detail info on the package

Has tried it for a week and I believe it does help with my fridge aroma

Neat product

I will be honest and say I haven't tried the product yet, but it arrived quickly and after reading how it works can't wait to use it. (It's been raining and cloudy so I haven't been able to expose it to sunlight like the directions call for).

Hi Barbara, thank you for your honest review. The FridgeFresher doesn't need to be exposed to sunlight before any use. You shall only need to do a recharge approximately every 3 months of usage, depending on the content of your refrigerator. I hope this helps.

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